who we are

new books, used books, pastries, coffee, tea, zines, riso prints, and more

ghost palace is an independent bookstore, a little café, a design studio, and publishing press. maybe it’s more, but it is no less. we’re located at the end of front street in thomas, west virginia.

currently we are trying to get a handle on just what it is we’re about. please bear with us as we fumble along.

if nothing else, we endeavor to be an inclusive space, a place to gather and share. do join us.

and if you have questions, thoughts, or concerns, please–talk to us!

something about each of us

jen is an artist, printmaker, and one-third of the band corpse factory. jen is a libra which means that she enjoys making things look nice which is what she tries to do for ghost palace and with posters, zines, and such.

ian ‘does the numbers’ and roasts the coffee and makes many things for us.

al is a baker and composer of theatre. they have two tiny crooked pinkies.

kevin is a poet and his own damn dude.